Catering in Silverton, Colorado by Golden Block Brewery

What we offer:

Golden Block Brewery offers off premises catering within 30 minutes of Silverton for weddings, family reunions, funerals, and birthday parties.

The same great food and beer at YOUR location

We have a mobile gas fired pizza oven and a fresh hot pizza comes out of the oven every 2 1/2 minutes. To determine the amount of pizzas needed for your catering job, figure on an average of three slices per person. There are eight slices per pie. Exmaple: A 30 person wedding; 30×3 = 90 slices, 90÷8= 11.25 so your choice, but to have either 11 or 12 pies for your service. We also do our Little Molas side salad and Moses Lake Caesar in bulk portions.


We can cater any beer brewed on our premises to your event.

If you are interested in the service, please contact us. If your request is about a wedding, please call directly or us this form to contact us. And for further inquiries, please contact Molly at 970-749-4589 thank you.


Silverton, Colorado Brewery and Restaurant