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UPDATED: Status of Alpine Loop Trails June 17, 2016

Silverton Colorado OHV Routes

As of June 17th here is the most recent updates for the alpine loop.

Animas Forks – OPEN
Black Bear Pass  – Closed
California – OPEN
Clear LakeClosed
Cinnamon Pass – OPEN
Corkscrew Pass – OPEN
Cunningham Gulch – OPEN

Engineer Pass – OPEN
Hurricane Pass – OPEN
Imogene Pass – Closed
La Plata Canyon – OPEN

Maggie Gulch – OPEN
Mineral Point – OPEN
Minnehaha – OPEN
Minnie Gulch – OPEN
Ophir Pass – OPEN

For a complete list of passes please follow this link.

Source: San Juan National Forest – Maps & Publications



Silverton Colorado OHV Routes
These are the approved Silverton OHV routes for 2016

In addition, It is crucial that everyone understands the OHV Routes in SIlverton.  Greene Street is good from the market through the end of town.  Blaire Street is allowed,but only for a few blocks around the business districts.  Basically, if you start seeing a lot of houses get back on Greene.  The Sheriff’s Dept spends a lot of time (wasted time) enforcing these rules.   If everyone is aware of them then it will make their job a lot easier.

For more information please click the image.

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