Things to do in Silverton

Pokemon Go Takes Over Silverton

The Golden Block Brewery in Silverton is a great place for Pokemon Go. The brewery sits right next to 3 stops and a gym!

I tried it out and found that you can sit right at the bar and swipe the Poke stop that’s located next door at the Grand Imperial Hotel.  Silverton has a total of three gyms and about a dozen or so stops.   At the time of this writing two gyms are purple and one is yellow.  The closest gym is at 13th and Blaire.

If your into Pokemon Go come up to Silverton, Colorado and see if you can find some new pets to add to your collection.  Here is a screenshot of my collection so you can get an idea of what I’ve been able to find so far.  I also added two screenshots of the game I took from the sidewalk in front of the brewery and a look at what the defense at the nearest gym looks like.

One of the cooler stops is up the hill behind town at the Christ of the Mines Shrine.  Not only are their great views up there but it’s a perfect place to kick back and relax for a few as you wait for the stop to refresh.



Truth be told, Pokemon Go is a great way to explore Silverton as many of the stops are places you’dwant to check out anyway.  I’m also very impressed at how the game really encourages people to get outside and walk.  I can’t think of any video game that has done this so successfully.

After playing for a while come on in for a cold beer and some pizza and wings.  You can farm the stops next door and you might even catch something right in the brewery (If you do send us a screenshot!)  And be careful out there, just because Silverton is a small town doesn’t mean you can stand in the middle of the street throwing virtual balls at invisible monster.   🙂

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