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Looking for a mellow off-roading experience? Try the Old Lime Creek Road

Lime Creek

Old Lime Creek Road was the main route to Silverton from Durango when our town was in its heyday.   Instead of going over what is now Coal Bank Pass, this original route goes around Spud Hill and up lime creek to meet back up with hwy 550 at the lowest spot between Molass and Coal Bank.  To find it from Silverton, just head south on 550 and go up over Molass, then when you hit the lowest spot between the two passes you’ll spot it on your left.  If your coming from Durango all you need to do find it is wait till you pass Cascade Village (just past Purgatory) where you’ll find a huge  right hand corner which goes over a bridge.  Just after the bridge you’ll see a turnoff to the right with a sign confirming your arrival.

The Old Lime Creek Road is relatively simple compared to most the big mountain passes.  You won’t need a lot of clearance and could probably cover 98% in a regular car (not recommended due to remaining 2%.)  It takes about 45 minutes to leisurely tour the area and you’ll encounter some amazing canyons and some very secluded lakes with great fishing, biking, hiking and camping.  There is one large campground closer to the Silverton end of the road and all kinds of backcountry options.

So, if you’re looking to kill a couple hours in a nice mellow environment, check out the Old Lime Creek Road.  Pack a lunch and bring a fishing rod, a bike, or whatever you prefer and get outdoors!  You’re sure to really enjoy this ez access area that’s only about 15 minutes from town and offers some stunning views.

Go enjoy the old Lime Creek Road and then come into the Golden Block for some well deserved pizza and a cold craft beer.




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