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Did you know Shaun White built a secret halfpipe in Silverton? (Video)

In 2009 Shaun White spent a good part of the winter in Silverton where he trained at his top secret halfpipe.  Red Bull was the sponsor who made it all happen.  They worked with Shaun to find the perfect place to train for the X Games and ultimately headed out to Silverton Mountain where they cut a 550 foot halfpipe near the bottom of Velocity Basin.   They even added a huge foam pit to the bottom of the pipe so he could learn his new, groundbreaking trick in safety till he nailed it.

The reason they kept his Silverton Mountain halfpipe secret is because he came here to work on crazy new trick called the Double Mctwist 1260 to be debuted at the 2010 X Games and they didn’t want any of the competition to know it was coming.

Here are a couple awesome videos from Red Bull which really show off Silverton in Winter.  The first is MUST SEE for every Local.  The second one is for the snowboarders out there (or anyone who wants to know what a Double McTwist 1260 is.)  It starts in Silverton and ends in New zealand.

Insider tip- make sure to watch in fullscreen mode and x out the ad when it pops up.









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