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Hardrockers Holidays in Silverton August 19-21, 2016

Silverton, Colorado has DEEP mining roots and the Hardrockers Holidays celebrate this connection like no other annual event.  This is an amazing event that’s not only educational, but also a TON of fun for the whole family.   To really round out your experience, consider taking some time to tour the Old 100 Mine, the Mayflower Mill and the Heritage Museum.  Once you’ve seen all these facilities you’ll understand the events so much better with a full appreciation of what it’s like to run a single man drill or a mucking machine 1,000 feet underground vs. out in the sunshine at KMRC (Kendall Mountain Rec Center.)

Hardrockers Holidays in Silverton is free to attend but if you want to compete in any of the events then a registration fee may apply.  At the bottom of the page I have added a map of where the events will be held and a copy of the registration form you can print out and mail in.


Here is the schedule:

Friday August 19th

10:00 am    Children’s events will be held from 10:00 until finished and are free to participate.  Events have been tailored for children of all ages with the youngest category being 5 and under with events like Peanut Races, Highgrade Hunt, Soft Ring Toss, and Hand mucking.  Older children will have 3 Legged Races, Wheelbarrow Races, and even Nail Spiking competition for the 14-17 year olds.

REGISTRATION  will also be allowed at 10:00 am and from 4:00 – 6:00 pm.

11:00 am   Horseshoe Competition.  Grab a partner and come on down to Hardrockers for one of the most anticipated events of the weekend.  There are some very talented players so don’t get your hopes too high unless you can hit the ring most the time. $10 entry fee.

6:00 pm   Junior League (14-17 yrs old) Arm Wrestling.

7:00 pm  Arm Wrestling (the big boys)  $10 entry fee.  Prizes will be awarded based on weight classes.  please note that the wrestling events will be held at Romero’s with live music to follow.


Saturday August 20th

9:00 am Wheelbarrow Race Weigh In.

speleo-helmet210:00 am Wheelbarrow Race.   This is not the traditional 2-man race.  In this version you have to push a wheelbarrow with half your body weight through an obstacle course.  $10 entry

10:15 am Tug-O-War weigh and report in.

10:30 am Tug-O-War round robin elimination.  Up to 20 teams will compete to see which ones will make Sunday’s final round. $100 per 5 man team

12:30 pm  Single Man Drilling.  Can you drill two holes with no errors faster than any other miner in Colorado?  Prove it right here! $20 entry fee

3:00 pm Hand Mucking. In this competition they hand you a shovel and see who can fill a barrel full of gravel faster than anyone else.  $10 entry

3:00 pm  Machine Mucking.  If you are used to filling ore carts with a machine mucker then this is the competition for you. $30 entry with experience highly recommended.   If you do not have experience there will be a novice mucking event to be held immediately following the main event.


Sunday August 21st

9:00 Machine Drilling Sign In

9:30 Machine Drilling Contest.  One of the biggest events of the weekend.  Teams of two people will race the clock to drill two holes of a predetermined depth.  The fastest team takes the prize!  $60 per team to enter and again, there will be a novice version of this competition to be held immediately after main event.

12:30 pm  Tug-O-War Finals.  This is a must see event as the competition is fierce.  They fight like mad in two minute heats to find the strongest team through a process of elimination.  Lots of fun for everyone.

3:00 pm  Single Jack/Spike Driving.    The Single Jack portion requires a contestant to drive a metal spike into a rock for 5 minutes where the deepest hole wins.   The Spike Drive requires you to drive two spikes into a wooden plank, one upwards and one downwards.  $20 entry fee for both events.

The Hardrockers Holidays have a long tradition and are amazingly competitive.  Miners are a competitive hard working group of people  but no one ever gets to see what they do 1000 feet underground.  This is their one chance to show off their talents so it’s important to get out there and support them.

pizzaAfter the daily events feel free to come on by for a pizza and some craft beer at the Golden Block.  And keep in mind that we open daily at 11:00 am so if you’re looking for a good to go lunch option just give us a call and we’ll have some pizza, wings and salads ready for you to bring back to the gang in no time flat.   We hope everyone finds this guide to the Hardrockers Holiday in Silverton helpful.


Golden Block Phone: 970 387 5962



For questions or early registration regarding the Hardrockers Holidays call 970 387 5635

I also took an image of the Hardrockers Holidays 2016 Registration Form and cropped it so you can print it out and mail it in if you need one.   It’s not perfect but it should work just fine.

Hardrockers sign in form
Hardrockers Holiday 2016 Registration Form


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