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The Hardrock 100 mile endurance run will be in Silverton this weekend. (Interview)

This weekend Silverton will host both the start and finishing lines for the Hardrock 100 Mile Endurance Run.  Each year thousands of people apply to enter this run but only 100 or so are chosen.  Starting in Silverton, the runners have 48 hours or less go to Telluride, Ouray, Lake City and back.  100 Miles with over 33,000 feet of climbing and another 33,000 feet of descending.  The top finishers will complete the race in about 24 hours.


Here is an interview with Steve Petersen of Iowa, a three time finisher.  We had a chance to sit down at the bar and talk about the race and so I thought it would be a good idea to record it so you could all get a bit more perspective from someone who’s actually done it.



In this part of the interview Steve gets into his history with this race and some of the experiences he has had through the years in Silverton.




Runners who finish are awarded the privilege of kissing the rock at the finish line.  If you see anyone running through town on their way to the famous rock with a number on, make sure to honk your horn, clap your hands, and give them a good old Silverton Shout out for completing such an incredibly difficult challenge.  The Hardrock 100 mile endurance run is by far one of the toughest races out there so let them know you know what they just did is nothing short of amazing.

The Race starts Friday morning 15th at 6:00 am.  If you’re up early on Saturday morning come to the finish line around the same time to see the top finishers come in.  Previous winners have come in at a time of around 24 hours but weather conditions can change everything.

The Golden Block wants to welcome everyone involved in the Hardrock 100 Endurance Race to our town.  We hope you come in for a beer and say hi.



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