Events in and around Silverton, Colorado

First Train of the Season

Today we welcome the very first train of the season. This is a truly special day for Silverton as it marks the official start of the summer season and the arrival of several thousand train enthusiasts on a daily basis to our small mountain town.

We would also like to congratulate the Grand Imperial Hotel on an amazing renovation. Their crew put in a lot of long days to meet the deadline and their hard work has paid off as the hotel looks great! After you stop by the brewery for a beer make sure to pop in next door to see how great it looks!

And finally, we want everyone to know that we’re back from spring break and the Boston beer convention and ready to rock and roll 7 days a week through the rest of the summer. Our new beer, Hoppy To Be An American, is on tap and already getting fantastic reviews. We hope you come by and try one!

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