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Fall Colors in Silverton Updated 9-22-2016

This weekend could possibly mark the peak of fall colors for Silverton and San Juan County in general, so hop in the car and take a nice casual drive up to the Golden Block Brewery in Silverton for a beer and some pizza as you take in the amazing scenery. While there is still some green left our biggest worry is the short-term weather forecast. If the wind picks up all the leaves can drop pretty quickly. The good news is that the 10 day forecast shows decent weather after Sunday so if we can survive the next few days we may get another week or two of peak colors.

The top of Red Mountain Pass, Molas Pass and Coal Bank are likely just past their peak colors or right on the edge, while the lower areas near Purgatory or Ouray still have a LOT of green. All the passes are also still clear so consider taking the jeep out for one last scenic adventure on the Alpine Loop Trail. If you’re coming from the South consider taking the Old Lime Creek 4×4 Trail back to Durango, it will add an hour or so to the trip but get you into some serious San Juan County fall colors.

If you’re taking the train anytime in the next few weeks you’ll get fantastic fall colors even if Silverton is bare of all leaves. Due to the fact that the train covers such a large vertical climb between Durango and Silverton means that they get fall colors on some point along the line for at least the next month.

For a local weather forecast and a bunch of live webcams please go here. Silverton Road Conditions and Web Cams



Here is an image gallery if shots I took over the past three days.





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