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Fall Colors are Coming!

Yesterday I drove over Red Mountain Pass and the colors are really starting to take off.   Silverton itself is still mostly green but is starting to get some patches of reds and orange higher up.  If you are taking the train the leaves will be about 99% green at this point as so much of the elevation you’ll travel is lower than out 9,318 feet.


From what I saw I would suggest the best viewing, at this time, would be above 10,500 feet in elevation.  The beauty is that over the next month or even two months, the fall colors will start dropping in elevation until they eventually make their way all the way to Durango and Farmington and beyond.   The Fall Colors in Colorado last forever.  If you’re taking the train right now, you’ll get to see a bit up here, but if you take it in late October, the trees here will likely be barren while the trees in Durango are peaking.

Of course one can never predict when the trees here will peak in their colors or how long they’ll last but you can be assured that we will keep you up to date so make sure to follow us on Facebook!  Also keep in mind that once the leaves change colors the first big wind can take them all to the ground so make sure to get here on time and drive safely over our passes.


See you for a nice crisp beer and maybe some Football… Go Broncos!

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