Amalgamation IPA is Ready!

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Our newest beer, a long awaited IPA, is ready.  It’s a beautiful Imperial Pale Ale with a citrusy finish and a 92 IBU rating.  Very refreshing and delicious.  But watch out, it has a 5.8 ABV so you’ll get a buzz pretty quick at 9,318 feet in elevation.  Come on down for our new Amalgamation […]

Paydirt Pilsner

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Our newest beer is now on tap!  This is a summertime session beer with a citrusy nose which pairs well with a slice of lemon.   We’re also working on an IPA which should be available in 2 or so weeks.   Come on down to the Brewery and try out our newest beer, the […]

Periodic table of beer styles

The Periodic Table of Beers

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Some genius came up with the idea of listing beer styles in a periodic table.  This allows us to compare different styles based on several factors including the beer’s ‘gravity’ (meaning how heavy it is), the ABV (alcohol by volume), IBU (international bitterness units), and the beer’s color (or srm).  By comparing every style known […]