The Golden Block Brewery is a small, craft brewery located in the heart of the San Juan Mountains in the town of Silverton, Colorado.  An hour north of Durango and about three hours south of Grand Junction , Silverton is located in Southwestern Colorado at an elevation of 9,318.

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Below is a listing of the beers we offer on tap.  Please check back often as this list will be updated on a regular basis.

Craft Beers

Our selection of craft beers.
  • Arrastra Red Ale

    • Pint $5.25

    Malt Forward Irish red ale, lightly hopped. 6.3%ABV

  • Whoop Arse Ale

    • Pint $6.00

    This Scottish Ale is perfect to warm your bones on a chilly summer night in Silverton.  Whoop Arse Ale has a malty body with a slight hint of brown sugar and a hoppy undertone.  It clocks in with a 7.1 ABV and an IBU of 40.  

  • Golden Bock

    • Pint $5.25

    This delicious new beer features a malty flavor and a nice copper tone with a slight caramel aftertaste.  5.9% ABV

  • Blind Load IPA

    • Pint $5.25

    This is a full bodied IPA with a strong hoppy start and a savory finish.   It has an IBU rating of 78 and an ABV of 6.3%.  We know you're going to love it.

  • Madame Brown Ale

    • Pint $5.25

    Our Madame Brown Ale has a light hint of hazelnut and Maple in a traditional brown ale! 

  • Kathouse Kolsch

    • Pint $5.25

    Light crisp Kolsch with a hint of blackberry, severed with a fresh berry in your glass!! 

  • Drill Steel Stout

    • Pint $5.50

    Full of flavor, a rich and creamy stout with a chocolate and cherry profile. 


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